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Friday, 16 July 2010

World Of Five Dollar Shake By UK Greeting Cards Blog

Welcome to our first blog from UK Greeting Cards Blog.

This blog site will be all about greeting cards suppliers and much more. So let’s kick off with a little bit of history about myself. I have been the ecommerce online gifts also greeting cards business now for over eight years seen a lot of changes good and bad.

For a long time I have been looking on the internet searching other business ecommerce sites and I was quite surprised with the lack of quality of the greeting cards, also there was not much really for customers to choose from.

So I decided to start Unique greeting online cards site dedicated to unique handmade greeting cards for everybody taste.

It is now about a week old I really would value your opinion and comments on the new site as it is for you the customers if you do not like it please tell me. If there is something you want and we do not display it let me know.

UK Greeting Cards are very proud and excited to be offering Five Dollar Shake Cards all the cards are handmade in the UK which is nice to see as most things are manufactured either in India or china.

Five dollar shake really specialise in offering you the customer something really quite different and magical most the cards have Swarovski crystals within the cards they cater for all the occasions and seasons’

I have included just a small selection so you can see their work. I do hope you agree with me they are absolutely stunning.

As you can see the above pictures are trully wonderful for further information on how to order greeting cards please do visit our online website Our friendly staff will help you as much as we can. All cards are sent out signed for by Royal mail second class.

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