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Monday, 13 September 2010

UK Shopping Cart Ecommerce Reviews | Reviews on UK E-Commerce Software

You Must Read This Before Purchasing Ecommerce Hosted Shopping Cart Services

Shopping Cart Reviews

Firstly I want to let you know this article is about helping you make the correct choice when looking for ecommerce shopping cart solutions.

There is hundreds of this type of companies on the internet. I want to share with you some of the ones I have personally dealt with or my business associates have used over the years.

Also it would be good to let you know your options for shopping cart ecommerce services.

Let’s look at Paid one of payment shopping carts solutions first.

1. Zen Cart Ecommerce I found this software very good but you must have skills in writing html java scripts. It is very complicated to setup. You will also need this to be hosted at an extra cost to you.

2. Boss Cart Premium is a very good solid solution again you do need skills of html and java scripts. You will also need this to be hosted at an extra cost to you.

Now For FREE Shopping Cart Solutions.

1. osCommerce Online Merchant solutions I found this software really good very easy to use this ideal for someone who just wants a basic online shop the help forum are really friendly and they all try and help you with technical questions. But again this is html and script software you really need to know what you are doing.

Now the really interesting one! Ecommerce hosted shopping cart solutions.

Firstly I will explain a bit deeper about hosted ecommerce solutions! Ok let’s say you are going to sell children’s clothes online. You will need a company who will design a website or you can use what is known as templates they are much cheaper than bespoke designed websites, also required shopping cart software also it will need to be hosted. And not forgetting you need to purchase a domain name.

I will now attempt to offer some guidance in this mine field of companies tempting you spend large amount of your money for them to offer you a complete solution.

I found a company called I did the usual checks like we all do they had a business address in Harley street London also I looked at some reviews nothing standing out saying warning signs. There website was really good and well presented. I spoke to the sales guy called Debanan and we chatted about what I wanted the website to look and he said yep that’s what we can offer you there templates looked really good. So i said right lets go for it I paid him half of the money.

He gave me the link for the software so I can add my products and the usual stuff. I found straight away there was a problem with this company everything was slow on their server. I spoke to about the slow speed of their server he said it will improve when you go live. I then had a nightmare of a time with bugs on their shopping cart software it crashed or just did not work.

OK now I have been live with this website for about three months the server speed did not improve customers were complaining I was complaining as well. Debanan answer was to ignore you I text him I e-mailed him threatened him with legal action but he just never did anything.

O yes his business address in Harley Street is fake. Their main sales line is never manned it just goes to answer machine.

Please do keep away from this company called as you will regret it all he wants is your money not to offer you any quality of service. Sometimes it will take up four days to even respond to anything he lies and says he will improve the service it never happens, and I also managed to call a few of his other customers and they said they had the same problem as i did.

Another one to be careful of is EKM Systems based in Manchester I know that there staff are very rude and un helpful, again all there bothered about is getting money of you and sometimes quite a lot you could ask for say a banner to be removed, and that would cost you between £50 to £75 and they answer is it can take three hr work, do you think I was born yesterday. There support side is very good but they will charge you so do be careful, I remember reading about someone had wanted to come away from them and move to another hosting, to find out that EKM Systems had blocked them all together.

Now let’s look at the positive side of e commerce Companies:

They are not all too bad let’s look at absolute shopping cart solutions, what can I say well for a start there templates are good as you can build around it to create a stunning website, what I found about their software is it’s easy to use and that is the most important thing when starting up or looking for a change of new ideas, also there is so much to choice from, what I mean is it’s so user friendly you can take control of everything, there staff as so helpful and do not charge you for little things that you may need to have done like most companies out there rip you off. Whynot take a look your self then you can judge for yourself UK Greeting Cards 

I do hope you found this article some help to you I would love to hear from you with your thoughts and comments.

Do you know anybody who has fell foul to bad ecommerce companies? Or do you know a company is good and offering a good service! why not mention them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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